Developer seeks higher rebuild on old Garden site

Developers of the Hub on Causeway project want to add an occupiable roof deck and seven enclosed two-story balconies to the design of a previously approved office tower slated for the former Boston Garden site at North Station.

The roof deck and proposed higher floor-to-ceiling expanses would increase the building’s height to up to 495 feet — a 75-foot increase per the Boston zoning code since the project was permitted in 2013, according to a notice of project change submitted to the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

“The current proposed office tower has been reimagined to respond to a new generation of companies and their workforces,” Boston Properties LP and Boston Garden Development Corp.’s project documents state.

The office tower is scheduled to be built on top of a 122-foot podium building now under construction.

The redesign would result in a small extension of the shadows that the building would cast, particularly during the early morning, early evening and wintertime, when sun angles are low, according to the companies’ analysis.

“Most of the additional shadow falls on areas such as the (North Station) train tracks or areas already in shadow from other buildings,” project documents state.