AAP Annual Meeting in Boston - Event Review

The 103rd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Periodontology was held Sept. 9 to 12 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and dental professionals gathered from near and far to partake in a wide range of educational opportunities and to learn more about the latest products and technology.

Highlights included an opening general session, titled “On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership,” in which renowned mountain climber Alison Levine told attendees about climbing Mount Everest and what the experience taught her about leadership.

A welcome reception, sponsored by Straumann, was held on the exhibit hall floor, featuring entertainment, beverages and food. Straumann also treated everyone to beer tastings at its booth.

A popular area of the exhibit hall was the AAP’s poster presentations, which offered a platform for researchers to discuss their findings. Also on the show floor, Perio Park — the AAP’s first-ever exhibit hall “green space” — gave meeting attendees a place to relax, hold conversations with colleagues, charge electronic devices and view a job board.

Highlights in the lecture halls included “Treatment of the Malposed Implant,” presented by Dr. Markus B. Hürzeler, Dr. Joseph Kan and Dr. Dennis Tarnow and moderated by Dr. Nick Caplanis; “The Team Approach for Predictable Implant Esthetics,” presented by Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi and moderated by Dr. Leonard Garfinkel; “The Use of Laser Therapy to Treat Inflammatory Diseases of the Periodontium for Teeth and Implants,” presented by Dr. Donald S. Clem III, Dr. Allen S. Honigman and Dr. Samuel B. Low and moderated by Dr. Myron Nevins; “The Art of Motivating Your Patients to Say ‘Yes,’” presented by Dr. Jason C. Stoner and moderated by Dr. Jeanne M. Salcetti; and “Future of Dental-Facial and Airway Management,” presented by Dr. Marianna Evans, Dr. Colin Richman and Dr. Richard D. Roblee and moderated by I. Stephen Brown.

On the show floor, many companies presented new and innovative technology, or introduced improvements to existing products and systems.

Case in point was Osstell, which unveiled OsstellConnect — an exclusive online service associated with Osstell IDx and other authorized and connected ISQ units and which can be accessed by any user of such instruments. During an interview at the Osstell booth, Jonas Ehinger, CEO and president, and Thaddeus Picklo, director of sales, said that this new platform provides relevant insights allowing practitioners enhance their implant treatment performance.

OsstellConnect allows doctors to oversee and document implant treatments; track and predict healing times; choose surgical and loading protocols more efficiently; share data; compare a clinic’s results with data averages from other OsstellConnect users all over the world; and receive data backup and remote support. The bottom line, according to the company, is that OsstellConnect helps you make implant treatments more predictable.

Many other companies had noteworthy offerings.

At Dentatus USA, attendees could learn about ANEW Narrow Diameter Implants, which offer both fixed and removable prosthetic options for the most challenging cases. Designed to complement your current implant system, ANEW’s narrow diameter is ideal for patients with insufficient bone width, limited interdental space or converging roots, according to the company. Long-term results of cases using this technology are presented in a recently published research article in the International Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry. In addition, Dentatus has launched a new “Get Selfie Ready” campaign, which touts the benefits of narrow body implants.

Aseptico unveiled the CALAJECT system for computer-assisted local anesthesia. According to the company, CALAJECT makes injections easier for both the doctor and the patient. The system controls the flow rate, ensuring smooth and gentle flow of anesthesia. Even palatal injections can be carried out with less discomfort for the patient, Aseptico says, and the light pen grip provides a relaxed working position and good finger support so that the needle can be kept perfectly still.

Porter Instrument offered its SILHOUETTE Nasal Mask, which it describes as a “revolutionary” new nitrous oxide delivery method. It was designed by a dentist to eliminate the hassles many associate with using nitrous oxide. The result is a compact and comfortable nasal mask that’s nearly invisible and creates a safe and predictable experience for both the dentist and the patient, the company says.

Straumann unveiled its Bone Level Tapered Ø2.9 mm implant, which is designed to successfully treat patients who have one or both of maxillary incisors missing. The BLT Ø2.9 mm implant is the perfect combination of shape and strength, according to the company.

At W&H Impex, interest was high for new wireless foot control technology, which is portable and can be used with multiple units in a dental practice.